The Sound of My life

Music is Magic

What can I say about the importance of music in my life? I grew up listening to the Beatles and early rock and roll on the Ed Sullivan show and jazz music on my dad’s hifi. I got my first guitar when I was 10. A fiberglass guitar from Sears which was really more of a toy. Realizing I was serious about my musical interest I got my first electric guitar and amplifier a couple years later. That started a lifetime love of listening to and making music… Through the years I played guitar in bands and as the computer became the tool of choice for graphic designers I realized that creating music with the computer opened up an entirely new world of possibilities. From that point onward, making music was a combination of analog as well as digital instruments: guitars, synthesizers, drum machines and a DAW as a virtual studio. Now, your imagination and some skill are the only requirements. Play On!      

DHR – Music

Below, are some of the musical compositions I’ve created over the years on various computers. Most of these compositions were created in DAW’s like Reason and Logic although I’m currently using Live. I don’t really create electronic music intended to be dance tracks or in any specific genre. I just happen to use a computer, virtual instruments and a keyboard to input notes to realize whatever melodies that pop into my head. I guess if my music was in any category it would be ambient, and I do tend to go for the cinematic in my approach to putting together sounds. As I am a guitar player not a keyboard player I don’t necessarily try and do technically complex music but rather, I try and create an aural landscape that is interesting and has some structure that people can listen to and hopefully enjoy. I’m really more interested in taking an idea and building a sound landscape that tells a story… And well, just being creative.