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Examples of design and logos from the print years... (Remember That?)

My career as a graphic designer/art director has been long and diverse. I started out in the publishing business designing magazines and periodicals. When the “desktop publishing” era arrived the computer changed my life forever. It opened up new worlds in graphic design as well as music for me. In addition to learning the software and how to use it, I had to become familiar with networking computers and server technology to run a publishing system. When the internet boom arrived, computer technology had become a large part of the job of a creative professional… Things were changing fast and I’ve always tried to stay ahead of the changes. Throughout my career I’ve always been interested in tech I could use in my creative pursuits. Today, I’m editing audio and video for CBT’s (computer based training), and using Web technologies in my graphic design work… I wish I could devote more time to each area of my creative pursuits, but if I’ve become A Jack of all trades… Master of None… at least it stays interesting!


Some examples of print design projects from my days as a freelance designer in Charlotte NC. I did stints with a number of companies including Wachovia Bank, Critical Point Group and Penman Communications. Work included print, web and CBT’s computer based training in Captivate.   


A few examples of Logo designs done for various freelance clients over the years. These examples represent work I’ve done for some individual clients, small firms and mid-size companies like Classic Graphics and Habitat for Humanity Charlotte. Most of these included some branding work for use of the logos.   


The examples below represent branding work I’ve done for a number of companies working as Art Director for Penman Communications; contract designer for Wachovia Retirement Services and Critical Point Group, a bank services startup. Some of these pieces were comps for (rfp) proposals. The Aqua branding examples are currently in use by the Health and Safety department in the Pennsylvania home office.