Charlotte – the Queen City

  • dhrose 

Life with the Queen… Living anonymously in one of the big cities of the new South. We’re living it up in the Queen City. We have big time sports; NFL, NBA and a soccer team is on the horizon. We have malls with high-end retail, lots of great restaurants (LOTS) and well, two or (is it?) three museums if you can call a 30 minute experience a museum? The culture here is, in my opinion, somewhat lacking. I’m not saying… Read More »Charlotte – the Queen City

Adventures in Guitar Building!

  • dhrose 

I set out to build the Strat of my dreams… And along the way, I become “enlightened” about the process, the parts and the tools necessary for building a basic bolt-on neck electric guitar. Having been a guitar player for most of my life (50 years give or take) my fascination with the guitar began as a kid. I started out playing guitar during the Beatles invasion and played throughout my adult life in various blues and rock bands. I’ve… Read More »Adventures in Guitar Building!

Cell Phone / Camera

  • dhrose 

Photography in the age of cell phones…If we have a great camera with us at all times, does that make us all photographers? Well, sort of… composition, lighting and a little knowledge helps too.  As the quality of cell phone camera’s got better and better, I realized my old camera, a 5 megapixel Lumix that I paid $500. for, was pretty much obsolete… and not worth anything for resale. Things sure change fast these days. I guess I should have… Read More »Cell Phone / Camera