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My love for music began when I got my first guitar at age 10. I've carried that love of music and creative expression through years of playing in bands, composing music on my computer and embracing music as an integral part of my creative life...


While I don't consider myself a "photographer" in the professional sense, I do have an eye for composition from 30 years as a graphic designer. With today's fantastic camera phones, we have a quality camera in hand most of the time...


I've been a graphic artist/designer for my entire adult career. I've managed to keep working in my field by staying current with new technology and through hard work. Today's graphic designer is a mixture of computer geek, creative and tech head.

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About me

My name is Daniel H Rose. I am a graphic designer living in Charlotte NC. I have spent my entire adult years pursuing the creative life… Graphic designer for over 30 years, a guitar player/musician for life  – nature lover and dog owner. I am the father of 2 grown children (2 grandchildren) who I sincerely hope, have inherited some of the creative spirit I have embraced throughout my life! 

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